Rich media content

Advertising solutions developed by COMOBA is capable of providing rich and enhanced advertisements display on a various screen solutions, including tablets, mobile phones, monitors, TVs or any other displays. In contrast to the tradition outside advertising solutions (such as banners), COMOBA solution is designed to trigger people explicit, as well as implicit memory in order to maximize information witch retain in the potential customers’ memory.

Numerous diverse media content intakes could be applied in order to maximize the key goals of the campaigns. The most common intakes are:

  • Static adverts;
  • Video content;
  • Flash content;
  • Websites;
  • Other.

Moreover, COMOBA smart advertising solutions allow advertisers to interact with the advertising contact live! The solution allows to redirect customers for the further purposes of the ads, e.g. to play a flash game, watch video or fill a questionnaire.

Instant campaign setup

Advertisement campaign set up and launch takes only a few minutes. You have to provide media content, set preferences, campaign goals and budget. As soon as you have done that, the campaign could be launched within minutes and you can start tracking the results!

Advanced targeting

Currently advertising solution developed by COMOBA team is capable of targeting customers by the day of the week/month, day-time, and customer’s geographical location. However, the further targeting segments is soon to come, including gender or age targeting.

Real time reporting

COMOBA solution allows you to receive advanced daily/weekly/monthly reports which includes location heat maps, reached audience, advertising show statistics, customers’ engagement statistics and other relevant information.


You only pay for the customers you reach! Individual pricing for each campaign could be applied but it all starts as low as 0.001 Eur. per customer reached. Get in touch for more information!

Partners & Clients

The first COMOBA smart advertising solution is applied in the Smart Taxi cars. Due to the premium segment orientated taxi services, this partnership allows us to reach professionals who are most likely to be professionals employed in the insurance, banking, legal and/or audit services with way above average income and who are able and willing to pay for exceptional goods and services.